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George Kincaid

A3L Beta Changelog - 3.1

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A few notes:

  • The server is now un-whitelisted.

  • There is no longer an age requirement.

  • Cops and EMS/CG now have the option of a full double life, but you are required to use a different name if you want to be considered a “different character”.


Version 3.1 released: 5/5/2018 Re-sync required - Size: ~341MB (If you have all the old mods)


ADDED: Martinez Family Gang clothing/Shop/License

ADDED: Outlaw Veterans Gang clothing/Shop/License

ADDED: ECSO Marshal Law Clothing/Vest

ADDED: Holster Script( get out of car with weapon on back)


CHANGED: CPR System (Can not CPR with 2 or more medics on duty)

CHANGED: ECSO vehicle textures

CHANGED: Prices of some items (LSD, Ruby, Cloth, Diamond, weed, apple 7 peaches)


FIXED: Some broken items in clothing shops


REMOVED: Towers in Union City


Known Bugs:

  • Check Bug Reports Open section

Extra Notes:

  • We will be adding more things to make money with, a few ideas we have right now

    • Cotton, Wheat, Sugar



Though we believe we found most bugs, if you come across any, please fill submit a bug report and we will look at it. https://arma-life.org/forums/forms/8-bug-report/


Full mod pack Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mHyvrfcdHE2iTQUJMWo9ZwC-9ppmqZ32/view

Updated Files Only: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11APzB2Wpd2dfmy0zyQld1Y5zc4ut8Sni/view

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Version 3.1.1 released: 5/6/2018 No Re-sync required

ADDED: New convoy mission - Counterfeit Cash

ADDED: Black market item shop (Speed bomb & Counterfeit Cash)


There were also a few various fixes for smaller things.

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