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Cole Slaughter

current version A3L Beta Changelog - 3.0

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A few notes:

  • The server is now un-whitelisted.

  • There is no longer an age requirement.

  • Cops and EMS/CG now have the option of a full double life, but you are required to use a different name if you want to be considered a “different character”.


Version 3.0 released: 4/16/2018 Re-sync required - Size: ~4GB (If you have all the old mods)


ADDED: New Framework

ADDED: New Cars, Weapons, Planes, Clothing, and Boats

ADDED: Cocaine, LSD/Mushrooms, and MDMA/Ecstacy (And their effects)

ADDED: Several legal ways of making money

ADDED: Relic/Quest System

ADDED: Crafting system for weapons/Items/Clothing

ADDED: Whitelisted Cop Freqs

ADDED: Ability for Cop/EMS command to Whitelist for their faction

ADDED: Federal Reserve Robbery

ADDED: Underwater Treasury Robbery

ADDED: Vehicle Speed Bombs

ADDED: Vehicle/Player GPS Tracking devices

ADDED: New Repair/Towing jobs for civilians.

ADDED: House furniture system.

ADDED: The ability to purchase any house.


CHANGED: Map to Erie County

CHANGED: Cell Phone

CHANGED: Notification System

CHANGED: Faction Textures to Erie County

CHANGED: Updated Red’s Vehicles

CHANGED: Gang system to be fully manageable in game by the gang leader


REMOVED: Old Framework

REMOVED: Breaking Point Weapons

REMOVED: Pointless Mods

REMOVED: Gang Cartels


Known Bugs:

  • Check Bug Reports Open section

Extra Notes:

  • You don’t need to wait for grow time to farm items, you are able to just go to fields and pick them.

  • When you log out, your character location is saved, and the next time you log in you will be in the same location.

  • You now don’t need to carry cash on you, you have the ability to purchase and use a debit card.

  • Shift + B while restrained, and with paperclips in your inventory, will give you a chance to create a makeshift lockpick. Makeshift lockpicks work the same as regular lockpicks. You can also attempt to un-restrain yourself with lockpicks.

  • Shift + O is your earplugs. It has 3 different settings to lower volumes.

  • Jailbreaks use Demolition Charges instead of Blasting Charges. You activate the Charge by using the item on your phone. Once you blast the front gate, you still have to use a hacking device as you normally would, located at the top of the main DOC building.

  • For Federal Reserve Robberies, you must use a bolt cutters on the main door of the dome, once inside the dome, you must make your way to the Red cargo box and place a Blasting Charge on it to start robbing the Federal Reserve, (There must be 10 cops online to rob it)

  • For Bank Robberies, you must use a Code Cracker on the vault to begin robbing it. (There must be 7 cops online to rob it.)

  • For Underwater Treasury robbery, you must complete certain relic quests to gain the ability to rob it. However it will require a blasting charge, and 10 cops online to rob it.

  • Gangs are now handled in-game like base altis, so you no longer have to worry about waiting for gang whitelisting.



Though we believe we found most bugs, if you come across any, please fill submit a bug report and we will look at it. https://arma-life.org/forums/forms/8-bug-report/


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