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    • Whake Thompson

      Our GTA 5 RP Server is Live!   03/02/2018

      After conducting a few tests, we have fixed the majority of the issues reported to us and have decided to release the server to the public. We would like to emphasize that this is a hardcore role play server, and our Administrators will be issuing punishments to players who decide not to role play and violate our rules. There will be no warning point system, just a ban issued. If a player consistently violates the rules, they will be permanently banned. To join the server, download FiveM and view the server list. Once you've done this, type in "Life Studios" in the server information tab and our server should appear. After you've joined, you can customize your character and begin working for a company! If you run into any issues or see anything that's broken, please report it in our GTA 5 Bug Reports section.   Thanks!
    • Cole Slaughter

      Current Server Status   03/12/2018

        Hello Community, Recently there has been a huge decline in the community's player base, as I am sure everyone has seen. This post is here to be a completely honest plan for our community as well as what has been going on behind the scenes for the past month. I understand some people may not like these changes, but high staff agrees that this is the best option for our community in order to push forward. In January, we purchased the PsiSyn Malden Life framework from a well-known developer, Repentz. With this framework, we planned on using it on a new map that was being edited for our server. We hired Cookies and Johanzon to turn their Winter version of Ergon County into a summer version for our life server in hopes that the new framework would work with the map. Development was going at a steady pace and the map looked really good, we were going to continue the development and push the framework out in the near future. However, there were some issues with staff and development, and the development of the new framework was halted for about 3-4 weeks, leading to no progress being made while our player base was rapidly declining. I took it upon myself to sit down and crank out the issues that were halting our development and I fixed the problems at hand. But after spending a few hours on the mission I realized that the Ergon County map was too small to fit absolutely everything in the mission. For those of you who don't know, Ergon County is a 4km x 4km Map, meaning it is less than half the size of Lakeside. With the current framework, there is just simply too much to place on the map in a way where it's not congested and cramped. It was so small in fact, that we were going to have to remove helicopters completely because you could get anywhere on the map in less than a minute. So I talked it over to the staff involved with the current development and decided that Ergon county wasn't going to work and that we needed something else. So, after some talking, we decided that it would be best to go back to Erie County. From the last time this community was on Erie, it was one island that was semi-functional and there were extra islands that had no use at all. My version was not properly finished by the Development team when Chris Stark was still here, however, I am on track to finish the map in its entirety within a few weeks. With the map being fully functional with Multiple islands, we believe that it is the best fit for this large framework we have planned. Luckily, this framework allows for a lot of new content. So with Erie County it should work flawlessly.    Now, onto some changes that we as high staff are going to be arranged to benefit the server. 1. Removing the server whitelist - Anyone who downloads the mods will now be able to join the server without an interview or civilian application. With this change, we are going to be transferring our SQL Database into an Online Web Panel where Moderators and Admins will be able to perform certain whitelisting for things such as Donator, Gangs, and faction whitelistings.  2. Re-working the rules to make them a simplified version of the current rules. 3. Rearranging staff and LEO positions. 4. More donation opportunities. These may include Gang Bases, Custom Shops (With limits), and even your own custom Erie County Island! There are more changes in the works, but those have yet to be determined by high staff.    In all we are doing what is necessary to bring more people to our community, we know some of these changes may dissapoint some people, but in the long run we believe it will benefit our community. As of now there is no official ETA, as we are still doing minor bug fixes as well as continuing map development. We hope you all stick around, I will give out updates in the near future of how everything is going!     Thanks,  Arma 3 Life High Staff
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Whake Thompson

GTA 5 RP - Official Rules

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Life Studios Community
Grand Theft Auto 5 Server Rules


General Rules

  • Abusive or derogatory remarks towards members will not be tolerated.

  • Combat logging is defined as logging out before, during, or immediately after engaging in a role play situation. This will not be tolerated and will result in a ban.

  • Metagaming is defined as using any type of third party communication while logged into the server. Metagaming will not be tolerated and will result in a ban.

  • Civilians may not intentionally bait police officers with the intent to troll or initiate a pursuit.

  • The Game Administrator has the final say in an argument. If a player disagrees with their decision, they must post a ban appeal. Arguing with an Administrator will not be tolerated and may result in a ban appeal being denied.

  • Going AFK for extended periods of time while connected to the server will not be tolerated.

  • All players on the server must have a working microphone before engaging in player to player role play.

  • Stream sniping is defined as watching a players’ stream while connected to the server with the intent to benefit from their video in game. Stream sniping will not be tolerated.

  • Using cheats, hacks, or exploiting a bug on the game server will result in a permanent ban.

  • All players must create a realistic and proper role play name when creating a character. Using a well-known name is prohibited and will be reverted by an Administrator.

  • Random Deathmatch (RDM) is defined as killing a player without a proper role play reason. You may only kill another player if you have a legitimate reason.

  • Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM) is defined as killing a player by using a vehicle without a proper role play reason. You may only kill another player if you have a legitimate reason.

  • Completely disregarding the in game laws & server rules will result in a ban. There is no role play reason to violate the laws every time you are connected to the server.

  • Combat reviving is defined as reviving a player during, or immediately after the situation leading to the death has taken place. Combat reviving is not tolerated.

  • Police Officers may only revive players if there are no EMS or Fire personnel on duty. If an Officer revives a suspect, the arrest is no longer valid and the suspect shall be released.

  • Entering the Prison, Jail Facility, or Military Base without an escort from a Police Officer is prohibited. Realistically, a civilian will not make it past the security mechanisms in place.

  • Stealing any non-AI vehicle is prohibited until a vehicle lock system is implemented.

  • Stealing any AI emergency vehicle is prohibited.

  • Police Officers, Firefighters, and Medical Personnel must be in their respective TeamSpeak channels while on duty. These channels will act as a radio for all agencies.

  • Players may not leave vehicles on spawn points. Doing this will not allow other players to spawn their vehicles.

  • Intentionally failing to role play will not be tolerated. All players must role play every situation they engage themselves in. All players must also value their life and react to deadly situations as they would in real life.


Gang Rules

  • Prior to creating a gang, it must be comprised of at least five active players.

  • Poor leadership of a gang will not be accepted. The leader of the gang is responsible for everyone in the gang and will be banned if the gang cannot adhere to role play standards.

  • If a gang fails to adhere to role play standards and server rules, they will receive a gang strike.


Gang Strikes

  • 1st Strike : Written Warning logged in the staff section.

  • 2nd Strike : All gang activities are terminated for twenty-four hours. Members in the gang may not roll together until the time restriction is lifted.

  • 3rd Strike : Gang will be terminated. Any future gang requests with similar members will be denied.


Changes to the rules should be expected for the next couple of weeks while we encounter new situations with our player base. All new changes to the rules will be marked in green.

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