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  1. C h o c o l a t e         L o v e


    This is corporal Schmitt Smitty 

  2. Jackson Showa

  3. FBI? Who made that mistake kappa 

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    2. Heisen Lannister

      Heisen Lannister

      Would never be a snitch on my boys. Also can't be a CI for my boys if they all quit ArmA practically. 


    3. Simon Bond

      Simon Bond

      *Notes in Personnel file*
      *Removes access*

    4. Heisen Lannister

      Heisen Lannister

      Nice forum role-play Simon


  4. Change your picture back to the B, it made it look like Badministrator kappa

    1. Dylan Grant

      Dylan Grant

      It was meant to say bank but apparently it was 2 big xddd

  5. Please remove your banner picture and respect women. It's very disrespectful 

  6. My name's Frank and I eat dick 


  7. wHEN u have to remove SERT from the banner FeelsBadMan

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    2. Alf Masticoverre

      Alf Masticoverre

      sure rex, keep telling yourself that, clean your room maybe? <3


    3. Dakota Johannes

      Dakota Johannes

      Rex u have a nasty ass stain on your carpet 

    4. Rex Johannes

      Rex Johannes

      @Dakota Skye you have a nasty ass stain on your head called your face headass

  8. I'll give you 1 of my wives and a PP touch for VIP

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    2. Alf Masticoverre

      Alf Masticoverre

      we all know you will never get vip again @Dakota Johannes

    3. Rex Johannes

      Rex Johannes

      Where's wex's vip

    4. Matthew Costello

      Matthew Costello

      Dakota got VIP from being in the basement. GTFO.

  9. I would like the Rebuilding the Forums post, but I don't want to start you off with good rep, but thank you HA Sarcone


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