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    • Tim Wick

      Updated Repository Link   12/27/2017

      We have now moved the Repo to it's own box, which means there is a new Auto Config for the Repo. Here is the new Autoconfig You will not have to download any additional mods.
    • Simon Bond

      Forum Rollback & Password Change   01/27/2018

      We have rolled back the forums roughly 12 hours from 7PM GMT.
      You will need to reset your password on the forums as they have all been changed for security reasons.

      We HIGHLY recommend that you create a new, very strong password for the forums and EVERY account associated with the same email address.

      Use the "Forgot Password" function immediately to reset it.

      This was done due to the database leak that occurred under Chris Stark 7 months ago and has now been publicly released by Sam Lannister & Co.
      We assure you that all current data is secured, there are no back-doors and no users with access to confidential information that are not trusted, however for security reasons please change your password NOW.

      We apologize profusely, but unfortunately vengeful, petty members of the ArmA community have struck again. We have ensured this does not happen in future. Sincerely,
      Simon Bond
      Head Administrator
      ArmA 3 Life Staff Team
    • George Kincaid

      Criminal Code Changes   02/04/2018

      Shalom, As of today 2/4/2018 INS has sat down with chief Justice McLane and we have reworked the times & Fines for every crime in the Criminal Code, we have reduced almost every time so people will not be serving max time for 2-3 simple crimes we have also adjusted the fines to match the economy. The Criminal Code can be found HERE. Regards, George Kincaid Head of Immigration & Naturalization Service
    • Tyler Reagan

      Support Team Apps Are Open   02/15/2018

      Shalom, If you did not already know applications to join the A3L Support team have opened back up. Being a member of the support team is a great way to give back to the community and a stepping stone for those of you interested in joining staff. If you are interested in the position follow the link below to apply: https://arma-life.org/forums/forum/28-a3l-support-team-applications/ If you have any questions please contact Head of Support Kirby Kincaid   Have a good day, Tyler Reagan

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    1. Luke Slaughter

      Luke Slaughter

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    1. Michael Scarn

      Michael Scarn

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    1. Connor Booey
    2. Jarvis Porter

      Jarvis Porter

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    1. Dan Kincaid

      Dan Kincaid

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    2. Connor Booey

      Connor Booey

      yes sir send social security, mothers maiden name, credit card, and steam login

    3. Oliver McMustard

      Oliver McMustard

      SSC: 969696969

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    4. Connor Booey

      Connor Booey

      it all seems to check out you will receive your tree fiddy card in at least 1 week- 10 years

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