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    just as bad as these other ones honestly im gonna have to give it a 0.5 / 5

    what the fuck is this trash shit
  3. Signed - Makaveli Savage

    1. Jim Johannes

      Jim Johannes

      stay away from me


  4. why are u into little boys

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    2. Jim Johannes

      Jim Johannes

      >coming from the one that says im into fat chicks.. from out of nowhere

    3. Dakota Johannes

      Dakota Johannes

      You are a brexit so it must be true

    4. Jim Johannes
  5. why are you into fat chicks

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    2. Dakota Johannes

      Dakota Johannes

      Says the man who tried to rape me

    3. Casper Johannes

      Casper Johannes

      i've never tried to or raped anybody, sir!

    4. Jim Johannes

      Jim Johannes

      im not into fat chicks sir

  6. hello captain general mustard reporting for duty

    1. Jim Johannes
    2. Luke Slaughter

      Luke Slaughter

      why would a general be reporting to a captain ?  $ $? ? ?


      this is the stem of racism in this nation :eggplant64:

    3. Dakota Johannes

      Dakota Johannes

      a popcorn man such as yourself would not understand


  7. ye all i see is irrelevant 


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