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  1. GTA 5 RP - FAQ

    GTA 5 Life Studios - FAQ -Q: How many characters lives do we get? A: Everyone gets 3 different characters. You can do as you want with these, such as have 1 illegal gang member, 1 legal lawyer, real estate agent, etc & one for Police or EMS (If you are Police or EMS) you can do as you wish with these 3 lives, the choices are yours -Q: How do i use in game voice chat? A: You will want your in game voice settings setup very similar to this https://i.gyazo.com/2f98facb1c59e0b9fd0f8178ebaa233d.png Even with push to talk on YOU WILL NEED VOICE ACTIVATION TURNED UP -Q: How do i get a job? A: You will need to go to the Job Centre located in Los Santos & sign up for a job you wish to do. Once you signed up for a Job you will need to go the Jobs marker on the map to begin working. Ex. If you sign up as real estate agent, you will need to go to the real estate building to begin your job. -Q: How do i buy a car? A: To buy a car you will need to head to the car dealership in Los Santos, you will need the cash on you to purchase a car. The car will be stored in a garage after restart. -Q: How do i get food & repair kits? A: You can go to any store marked on the map in green to purchase these items inside -Q: How do i become a Cop, EMS or Firefighter? A: You will have to apply on the forums when applications are open for either of them. -Q: What chat commands can i use? A: /huk = places you on your knees & hands behind your head /me = type an IC in-game message /ooc = type an ooc in-game message
  2. GTA 5 RP - Keybinds guide

    Hello everyone, to help give everyone a bit of a easier time learning all the basic keybinds you will want to learn i have made a quick guide to help you all out. GTA 5 RP - Life Studios - Keybinds Guide By Kirby Kincaid Common Keybinds ~ (Tilda) Tilda opens up your cell phone, the cell phone allows you to contact 911 services & add players to your contacts list to be able to text them. - (minus) -(minus) opens up your inventory. Your inventory will show all items you have on you & allow you to use some of them. It will show the weapons,food,drugs,repair kits, etc. To eat food or use a repair kit you will go to this F2 menu, go to the item you want to use, hit enter on it & enter on what you want to do with the item (use, drop, etc) F5 F5 is one of the menus with a ton of user options to use. In this menu you can “Give phone number” to anyone you are looking at so they can put you in their contacts list. You can “Show ID” so if someone ever asks for your ID. As well this menu is where you will create a new character as well as switch to any other characters you have created. The menu also allows you to “Lock” or “unlocked” any vehicles you are standing next to that you own. F6 F6 is a main interaction for Emergency services. This is where you as a cop can go to civilian interaction & check IDs, Search, Cuff/Uncuff, escort & more. The same menu contains a object menu for Emergency services to place down road cones, barricades, etc. F7 F7 open up your invoice. Your invoice is where such things as speeding tickets & fines will appear when you need to pay them. All you do is click enter on whichever fine & it will pay the fine or ticket automatically. =(equals) Pressing =(equals) brings up a full interaction menu of different fun, funny & just game immersive player actions you can conduct. Q Q will enable your lights if driving a vehicle with light bars (EMS, Fire, Cop) E E is the main interaction key. It is used to interact with shops, drug fields, job markers, buildings, etc. E will always be the main key for any circles/blimps/zones/shops. E is also used to honk your horn while in a vehicle. , (comma) This is used to turn on a siren permanently . (Period) This is used to use a siren as a horn in any emergency vehicles. - (Minus) Signal Left on & off on vehicles + (Plus) Signal Right on & off on vehicles Backspace Turns on & off hazard lights on vehicles


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