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  3. picture credits for your cover photo <3 

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  5. can’t decide who’s cuter between tyler and michael 

  6. get banned kid

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    2. Dan Kincaid

      Dan Kincaid

      shut ur idiot face an stop flappin ur gums spazzy


    3. Rex Johannes

      Rex Johannes

      you drool when you open your mouth 

    4. Dan Kincaid

      Dan Kincaid

      Dribble chin


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  8. fuck that admins we riot until our booey is back

  9. can someone remove that my content needs to be approved by a mod

    1. Joe Plane

      Joe Plane

      Make an appeal, then maybe.

    2. Mark Kincaid

      Mark Kincaid

      who’s mark kincaid lol 

  10. Used to play Arma 3 alot when I was younger but since I got a job I played less and less. But now I got a reliable PC so I'm kicking it into high gear and going to be playing more for a YouTube channel.

  11. #FreeBooey

    1. Oliver McMustard

      Oliver McMustard

      >TFW he can't even respond due to "moderated" content


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  14. Hello, it has come to our attention that some people who don't have Apex DLC are getting kicked for Mission Content that requires the DLC. To fix this issue, please follow this guide and let staff know if you have any more problems. Open your Arma 3 Launcher, and select the Parameters Tab: Then Go over to the All Parameters Tab: Then go down to Advanced, and find the "World" tab, and fill it out as such: If you follow this guide you should be able to join the Server without any issues. Like I said before, if this issue persists, please contact a Staff Member.
  15. Too bad you cant actually have my REAL last name :(

  16. Arma 3 Life 3.0 Official Server Launch Plan

    A Google Drive Link is also available for those of you who don't have the modpack entirely: https://drive.google.com/file/d/125xbos94nSWZfmT2R9i_wea_fUdF04sE/view
  17. current version A3L Beta Changelog - 3.0

    A few notes: The server is now un-whitelisted. There is no longer an age requirement. Cops and EMS/CG now have the option of a full double life, but you are required to use a different name if you want to be considered a “different character”. Version 3.0 released: 4/16/2018 Re-sync required - Size: ~4GB (If you have all the old mods) ADDED: New Framework ADDED: New Cars, Weapons, Planes, Clothing, and Boats ADDED: Cocaine, LSD/Mushrooms, and MDMA/Ecstacy (And their effects) ADDED: Several legal ways of making money ADDED: Relic/Quest System ADDED: Crafting system for weapons/Items/Clothing ADDED: Whitelisted Cop Freqs ADDED: Ability for Cop/EMS command to Whitelist for their faction ADDED: Federal Reserve Robbery ADDED: Underwater Treasury Robbery ADDED: Vehicle Speed Bombs ADDED: Vehicle/Player GPS Tracking devices ADDED: New Repair/Towing jobs for civilians. ADDED: House furniture system. ADDED: The ability to purchase any house. CHANGED: Map to Erie County CHANGED: Cell Phone CHANGED: Notification System CHANGED: Faction Textures to Erie County CHANGED: Updated Red’s Vehicles CHANGED: Gang system to be fully manageable in game by the gang leader REMOVED: Old Framework REMOVED: Breaking Point Weapons REMOVED: Pointless Mods REMOVED: Gang Cartels Known Bugs: Check Bug Reports Open section Extra Notes: You don’t need to wait for grow time to farm items, you are able to just go to fields and pick them. When you log out, your character location is saved, and the next time you log in you will be in the same location. You now don’t need to carry cash on you, you have the ability to purchase and use a debit card. Shift + B while restrained, and with paperclips in your inventory, will give you a chance to create a makeshift lockpick. Makeshift lockpicks work the same as regular lockpicks. You can also attempt to un-restrain yourself with lockpicks. Shift + O is your earplugs. It has 3 different settings to lower volumes. Jailbreaks use Demolition Charges instead of Blasting Charges. You activate the Charge by using the item on your phone. Once you blast the front gate, you still have to use a hacking device as you normally would, located at the top of the main DOC building. For Federal Reserve Robberies, you must use a bolt cutters on the main door of the dome, once inside the dome, you must make your way to the Red cargo box and place a Blasting Charge on it to start robbing the Federal Reserve, (There must be 10 cops online to rob it) For Bank Robberies, you must use a Code Cracker on the vault to begin robbing it. (There must be 7 cops online to rob it.) For Underwater Treasury robbery, you must complete certain relic quests to gain the ability to rob it. However it will require a blasting charge, and 10 cops online to rob it. Gangs are now handled in-game like base altis, so you no longer have to worry about waiting for gang whitelisting. SERVER PASSWORD: hannes1234 Though we believe we found most bugs, if you come across any, please fill submit a bug report and we will look at it. https://arma-life.org/forums/forms/8-bug-report/
  18. Arma 3 Life 3.0 Official Server Launch Plan

    Alright, after our beta test we believe the server is ready for a release! We've been working hard fixing all the bug's and our beta test was very successful. As of now, we are comfortable to go ahead and allow our mods to be downloaded so people have a head start for release. Our schedule is still on track, and we plan on releasing the sever on Monday, April 16th. For the mods, there is some configuring you have to do that way you minimalize your download size. Instructions are below: In your Arma 3 Directory where your @A3L_Additional, @A3L_Community, etc. mods are located, create a folder called @A3L, and inside that folder, create another folder named Addons. Open your @A3L_Additional\Addons folder, and inside you should see a bunch of .PBO/.BISIGN files. Select all of them, and copy them. Then open your @A3L\Addons folder, and paste the files there. Open your @A3L_Community\Addons folder, repeat step 2. Open your @A3L_DevBranch\Addons folder, repeat step 2. You will have addons that are duplicates (Around 8), when you get the notification of duplicate, just allow the files to replace the other ones. Once you have done that, you should have all of the collective files from @A3L_Additonal, @A3L_DevBranch, and @A3L_Community in your @A3L\Addons folder. If you have done this correctly, your repository download should be fairly small (compared to the download size without doing this). Run Arma 3 Sync, update the repository, and download the rest of the mods. The mods are on the current repository: We hope you all enjoy the work we've put in. Our changelog will be posted soon, notify your friends, see you on release day!
  19. papa ricky

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    2. Robin Ljungberg
    3. Rick Pantera

      Rick Pantera

      Yeah they let me use a computer in jail though, so look out :D

    4. Rex Johannes

      Rex Johannes

      håll käften neger

  20. Cole Slaughter looking like a snack

    1. Dakota Johannes

      Dakota Johannes

      I think I meant me, people mistake us a lot 

    2. Niko Savage
  21. Hello everyone, I am pleased to say that over the past few weeks our development team has been hard at work putting all the needed pieces into play in order to get this community populated again. We have had some difficulties in regards to the framework and map, however, we have fixed a majority of those bugs and we are very close to an official release of our server. Now, with this release, there are a lot of things that will be changing in the community. As most of you all know, we are going to un-whitelist the server, meaning that anyone can download the mods and play on our server without having the hassle of a civilian interview or application. Reason being for this is for two specific points. In our downtime, we talked to a lot of people around the Arma community and majority of players who didn't play on our server stated that one of the main reasons they don't play here is due to the lengthy process you have to go through to get whitelisted and accepted into the community. The second reason being that un-whitelisting means that more people will have the accessibility to our server to play whenever they want and they can bring along their friends without any hassle. We believe this is a big step into re-populating our server and we hope it turns out to be the right choice. There have also been changes in balancing out PD and Civilian Factions, Economy Balancing, and a new gang system where gang leaders will have the ability to add/remove gang members and set certain ranks for their members at any time all while in game. We still have some work to do in regards to map building and mission editing, but for the most part, the mission has been implemented to the map(minus the unfinished areas), and we should be done very soon. As most of you know already, my version of Erie County has 5 islands apart from the main island that we have all played on in the past. This means that there is a lot more room for expansion and gameplay. Our mission is packed full of things to do in regards to making money and holding a stable economy. We implemented a crafting system for those of you who don't necessarily want to spend all of your money on weapons and loadouts. You now have a choice, you can either buy your guns, or craft your guns using items you can gather from weapon factories. There is also now 4 different federal events that civilians can take part in, The Federal Reserve, Underwater Treasury, Bank Robbery, and of course the Jail Break. We believe that there's plenty of things for each faction to do and we hope you all enjoy it. Now, onto our plans for release. As of now we very roughly have an estimated release date of Next Monday (April 16th), or at least that's when we HOPE we can release. However, that ETA is likely to change depending on how our testing phase goes. On Friday (April 13th), we are going to start our Testing Phase, where will will put the server up with all of the mods and allow our Map Developers, Senior Staff, and 10 randomly selected community members to come test out the new framework for roughly 24 hours so we can find any kinks in the system. The event will end sometime on Saturday, so that leaves everyone plenty of time to play on the server and find out what needs to be fixed, nerfed, buffed, etc. Q: How will this work? A: If you are interested in playing in our testing phase, you can submit your name into this form HERE. On Wednesday I will randomly select 10 players and you will all be notified if you got into the testing phase. If you do not receive a forum PM, you did not get in. Schedule: Wednesday, April 11th - Selecting members for our testing phase. Thursday, April 12th - All mods will be available for download to our testers Friday, April 13th - Testing Phase Starts Saturday, April 14th - Testing Phase ends Sunday, April 15th - Final Bug Fixes/Mission Fixes/Map Edits Monday, April 16th - Official Release of the 3.0 Update Please keep in mind this is a VERY rough estimate for release. These dates are liable to change, but we hope we don't have to rearrange the schedule. I will keep you guys posted.
  22. hi













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      Matt Costigan




    2. Dakota Johannes

      Dakota Johannes

      yea but what about training grounds

    3. Oliver McMustard

      Oliver McMustard

      nice m8

      Good to see the tanoa assets being used

  23. the imperial wizard has made me redeem 5 brownie points.


    dear diary.

    i am now in moderated content for a week

    love xox


    1. Connor Booey

      Connor Booey

      thank you kind sir

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